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My insurance company has been liquidated! Now what?!

An insurance company that is the subject of a court's order placing them in liquidation has been found, after examination of it's financial records, to be insolvent. The court's order usually names a "liquidator" or "receiver" to take over the insolvent insurer's assets and records, including all claim files and documents, and to begin the process of liquidating the insolvent insurer's estate. This is similar to bankruptcy. When a insolvent insurer is placed into liquidation, the court appointed "receiver" or "liquidator" collects the claim related documents and files (open claims only) and forwards those to the guaranty association located in the state of residency of the insured policyholder or, in the case of a workers' compensation claim, the state of residency of the injured worker on the date of injury. You may contact the guaranty association in your state to find out the status of your claim.

faq | by Dr. Radut