United Home Insurance Company (UHIC)

United Home Insurance Company was ordered into receivership for the purpose of its rehabilitation on September 6, 2023.  Subsequently, the Pulaski County Circuit Court in Arkansas ordered the Company into liquidation on November 14, 2023.  An Amended Order of Liquidation with Limited Reservation was entered on November 16, 2023 and activates the guaranty funds.  The case number is 60CV-23-6619.  More information including a list of frequently asked questions about the liquidation can be found on the Arkansas Insurance Department website.


The Deputy Receiver is authorized to notify policyholders of the liquidation and cancel policies within 30 days of the liquidation date.  All unexpired policies issued in Oklahoma will be cancelled no later than December 18, 2023.  Policies expiring prior to December 18 will be terminated and not renewed.  Policyholders should contact their insurance agent to obtain replacement coverage. Until the policy expires or is cancelled, automatic withdrawals for premium payments will continue.

Claims should be submitted to United Home Insurance as usual.


How to contact the receiver/liquidator.

The Court appointed Michael Surguine as Deputy Receiver.  He may be contacted at (501) 371-2776 or michael.surguine@arkansas.gov

Existing claims for Oklahoma policyholders will be processed by Central Adjustment Company, Inc.


Phone: (888)227-5506

Email: CAC@centraladjustment.com

Return of unearned premium for Oklahoma policyholders will be paid by our office. 

If you believe you are entitled to a refund of unearned premium and have not received a payment, please send an email to claims@opciga.org. Include your name, contact number, and policy number.