Access Insurance Company

On March 13, 2018, Access Insurance Company (“Access”) was placed in liquidation by a district court in Texas. The court entered an Agreed Order Appointing Liquidator, Permanent Injunction and Notice of Automatic Stay (“Liquidation Order”), appointing the Commissioner of Insurance for the State of Texas as Liquidator of Access. The Liquidator appointed Cantilo & Bennett, L.L.P. as the Special Deputy Receiver (“SDR”).

POLICY ISSUES: The Liquidation Order cancels all policies issued by Access. If you have a policy issued by Access, you will have to obtain replacement insurance because your Access policy will be canceled on the earliest of the following dates:

  1. April 12, 2018;
  2. The date of expiration of the policy coverage; or
  3. The date you replace the insurance coverage or otherwise terminate the policy.


All new claims should continue to be reported to Access at or by calling 1-866-747-6931. Your claim will be forwarded to the relevant state property and casualty insurance guaranty association. Claims for premium refunds will also be handled by the state insurance guaranty associations. Claims occurring after your policy cancellation date should be reported to the insurance company that issued your replacement insurance policy.

Receivership Questions

The Commissioner of Insurance has appointed Cantilo & Bennett, L.L.P. as Special Deputy Receiver (SDR) for Access. Contact the SDR by calling 1-512-478-6000, via fax to 1-512-404-6550, or via email at You may also visit the SDR’s web site at