Gramercy Insurance Company

On August 26, 2013, Gramercy Insurance Company (“Gramercy”) became the subject of an Order Appointing Liquidator and Permanent Injunction (“the Order”) filed on August 26, 2013, in the District Court of Travis County, Texas. The Order appoints the Commissioner of Insurance for the State of Texas as liquidator (“Liquidator”) of Gramercy and grants the Liquidator full power, possession and control over the assets, business and affairs of Gramercy Insurance Company, including all of the property, contracts, rights of action and books and records. The Liquidator may appoint a Special Deputy Receiver (“SDR”) who shall have all of the rights and powers of the Liquidator.

Policies issued by Gramercy will be canceled on the earliest of the following dates:
· September 25, 2013
· The date of expiration of the policy coverage
· The date the policyholder replaces the insurance coverage or otherwise terminates the policy.

For the protection of the policyholders, the Order activates the state guaranty associations in the states where Gramercy Insurance Company was licensed to do business.
Claims questions, including new claim reports, may be filed with the SDR by phone or fax. Phone: 888-202-0422 Fax: 210-764-5548

Additional information can be found at the SDR’s website at: Special Deputy Receiver